Fire Danger Warnings

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Fire Danger Warnings will be issued whenever the weather is prone to fire. They act as inducing an alertness among the public with regard to the threat of fire hazard when it is dry. And dry weather usually occurs in autumn and winter.
Yellow Fire Danger Warning
(Fire risk is high)
Red Fire Danger Warning
(Fire risk is extreme)

The issue of either of the above 2 warnings primarily depends on how low the relative humidity is at the moment. But the dryness of vegetation (related to the time of the last precipitation), the number of people in the countryside and prehaps the number of fire cases that have already happened are also important factors to be considered. Hence the Agriculture and Fisheries Department is usually consulted beforehand.

According to the statistics, the number of grass fires on Saturday and Sunday are respectively about 40% and 80% more than the other days of the week.

Points to Note:

  • At any time, people should take precautions against fire.
  • If fire danger warnings have been issued, people should be in caution and watchful when using combustion tools like matches and gas stoves.

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